Social activities of Guangdong SOXI Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Skill competition Safety production emergency drill Classification, Working Principles and Precautions for Common Vacuum Hopper Loade What Are the Methods to Choose an Industrial Chiller? The Development Trend of Plastic Dryer in the Next Few Years Characteristics of Dehumidifying Dryer (Standard Type) What is a Central Conveying System? The Determinants of Drying Rate of Dehumidifying Dryer Material The Difference between Dehumidifying Dryer and Ordinary Dryer What Are the Structural Functions of the Injection Molding Machine? Introduction to the Principle, Application Range and Characteristics of Hot Air Hopper Dryers December employee birthday party Working Principle and Operation of Plastic Moulding Machine How Can the Mold Temperature Machine Be Cooled? Classification of Plastic Moulding Machines The Principle, Use and Classification of Plastic Crusher How to Choose an Industrial Chiller? Moulding Method of Plastic Moulding Machine What is Central Conveying System? Development Trend of Plastic Dryers in Next Few Years Plastic Molding Methods for Central Conveying System Pipeline Layout Requirements and Maintenance Methods of Central Conveying System Classification, Working Principle and Attention Points of Common Vacuum Hopper Loader The Difference Between Central Feeding System and Automatic Feeding System How to Control the Water Volume of the Three-in-one Dehumidification Dryer? Classification and Selection Skills of Dehumidification Dryers What Should Be Paid Attention to in the Drying Gas Path of the Dehumidifying Dryer? Three-in-one Dehumidifier and Dryer Humidity Measurement Method What is the Function of the Various Accessories of the Dehumidifying Dryer? What is the Difference Between a Plastic Dehumidifying Dryer and a Dehumidifying Dryer (Standard Type)? Complete Solution for Central Conveying System What is the Appropriate Temperature for the Dehumidifying Dryer? What Do I Need to Do Before a New Dehumidifying Dryer Can Be Used? Instructions for Use of the Dehumidifier Dryer (Standard Type) Application Introduction of Industrial Chiller Dynamic Heat Balance of Mold Temperature Machine: Mold Temperature Control is Essential Plastic Shredder Machines Play an Important Role in Waste Plastic Recycling What Details Should Be Paid Attention to when the Central Conveying System Fails? Maintenance of High-pressure Fans for Central Conveying Systems What Are the Factors That Affect the Price of Dehumidifying Dryers? What is the Drying Temperature of the Dehumidifying Dryer? Three Important Steps to Safely Operate Injection Molding Machines Five Criteria for Mold Temperature Machine Selection Why Use a Mold Temperature Machine? Intelligent Central Conveying System to Help You Realize Intelligent Injection Molding Factory The Conveying Principle of the Central Conveying System Automatic Vacuum Hopper Loader is Widely Used in Industrial Development Fault Detection and Troubleshooting Methods for Dehumidifying Dryer Choose Dehumidifying Dryer according to Material. Can Mold Temperature Machine Cool Down? Drying Process of Dehumidification Dryer The Application of Dehumidifying Dryer (Standard Type) Precautions Before Using Dehumidifiying Dryer Precautions of Using Heat Conducting Oil Principle and Precautions of Dehumidifying Dryer The Characteristics of High-pressure Blower with Central Conveying System Composition of the Central Conveying System Method of Using Central Conveying System and the Benefits of It‘s’ Installation Measurement and Precautions of Dehumidification Dryer's Dew Point How to Choose a High-Quality Central Conveying System? Introduction to the Application of Industrial Chiller How to Vent an Industrial Chiller? Treatment and Functions of Dehumidifying Dryer (Standard Type) Actual Steps for Using Industrial Chiller Unit What Types of Dehumidifying Dryer Can Be Classified by Pressure? Dehumidifying Dryer Dehumidification Mode and Working Principle Advantages of Central Conveying System Planned for Injection Molding Workshop Design Process and Characteristics of Central Conveying System How to Quantify the Central Conveying System? What Is the Importance of Central Conveying System Components? What Problems Can the Central Conveying System Solve? What Are the Reasons That Affect the Effectiveness of Dehumidifying Dryer? What Are the Advantages of Central Conveying System Compared to Individual Feeding on the Machine? What Is the Drying Method of Dehumidifying Dryer? The Differences of Industrial Chiller Performance in Various Environments Introduction to the Working Principle of a Dehumidifying Dryer (Standard Type) How to Use the Mold Temperature Machine Correctly?
Plastic Auxiliary Equipment
SOXI Intelligent Plastic Auxiliary Equipment
There are hundreds of plastic machine manufacturers, SOXI is a plastic machine factory owns one of the largest plastic machine factory in Guangdong,China. We produce plastic auxiliary equipment, auxiliary equipment for plastics processing. Products mainly used for injection molding factory.
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Plastic Molding & Auxiliary Equipment

SOXI products consist of plastic auxiliary equipment and plastic machinery equipment. Soxi plastic machinery factory covers a production area of 24,000 sq㎡, SOXI is among the top 10 plastic machine factory. Mainly produce auxiliary equipment for plastics processing, such as injection molding and extruding. With strong manufacturing capacity and Digital production management, we always have plastic machines for sale and plastics machinery for sale. Delivery of equipment is fast and efficient.

Plastic Dryer Plastic Dryer
Plastic Dryer

The main plastic drying machine and injection molding dryer includes central loading system high-gloss mold temperature control, water temperature control, and three-in-one dehumidification equipment products such as dryers, masterbatch machines, crushers, chillers, etc.

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Mold Temperature Controller Mold Temperature Controller
Mold Temperature Controller

Mold Temperature Controllers, MTC, mold heater, also called mold temperature machine, contains heating and freezing temperature control. it is designed for heating up molds and maintaining temperature.

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Auto Loader Auto Loader
Auto Loader

The central loading system, plastic auto Loader, vacuum loader, hopper loader, and automatic feeding machine, can replace manual feeding, from that materials will be sucked into the machine, reduce labor, improve efficiency.

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Plastic Crusher Plastic Crusher
Plastic Crusher

Plastic crusher, known as plastic granulators, plastic shredders, pulverizer, scrap machine, is suitable for granulating a variety of plastic wastes like engineering plastics, injection defective lumps, and degraded materials from the plastic molding process.

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Plastic Mixer Plastic Mixer
Plastic Mixer

Plastic mixer, also known as plastic blender, industrial stirrer, masterbatch doser. Plastic material mixer machine is divided into a vertical blender, gravimetric blender, volumetric dosers, horizontal/vertical color mixer, mainly used for plastic and masterbatch mixing and mixing of toner.

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Indusrial Chiller Indusrial Chiller
Indusrial Chiller

Industrial chiller machine, also known as water chiller. Industrial process chiller is divided into air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers. It is widely applied to the plastic industry such as injection molding, die-casting molding, printing, extrusion, reaction kettle, roller, and so on.

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Plastic Molding Machinery Plastic Molding Machinery
Plastic Molding Machinery

As one of the plastic molding machine manufacturers, soxi plastic molding machine factory locates in Zhejiang province. We produce plastic molding equipment and moulding plastic machine, the core product from our moulding sector is injection molding machines.

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Automation System Automation System
Automation System

The automation system is designed for rapid and precise removal of products from injection molding machines and placing them at desired locations. Standard and telescopic arms are selectable to cooperate with 2 plate mold or hot runner system.

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Plastic Machinery Parts Plastic Machinery Parts
Plastic Machinery Parts

This sector includes spare parts for the control loading systems or wearing parts for different types of plastic auxiliary equipment. Such as electrical heated tube, oil filter, vacuum hopper, granulator blades, and so on.

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Injection Molding Cases

As a major supplier of central loading systems in China, Soxi completes dozens of central loading projects annually. Combined with central water supply, central power supply, central gas supply, and purification system. It is able to provide a one-stop solution to smart injection plants for home appliances, auto parts, medical, packaging, and the new energy industry.

Smart Injection Plant Complete Solution

Smart injection plant complete solution is a comprehensive smart solution that covers intelligent storage systems, automation systems, and central loading systems to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0. Soxi plays a part in whole plant planning, construction, and management. With smart internet of things, plant intelligent data display platform to directly reflect the equipment status and production status.

Plastic Molding & Auxiliary Equipment Solutions
About SOXI
About SOXI
Company Profile
About SOXI

SOXI Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2017. A plastic machinery factory focusing on the R&D, production, and sales of injection molding peripheral equipment. The main production equipment includes Central Loading System high-gloss mold temperature control, water temperature control, and three-in-one dehumidification Equipment products such as dryers, masterbatch machines, crushers, chillers, etc. 

Remarks: Soxi Headquarters: Shenzhen SOXI Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. No. 122, Fumin Xianwu Industrial Zone, Guanlan Town, Longhua District, Shenzhen, established in 2004.

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