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Dehumidifying Dryer (Optical Grade) PDF

Dehumidifying Dryer (Optical Grade)

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The optical-grade dehumidification dryer integrates dehumidification, drying, and conveying. It adopts a high-performance non-heat regenerative dehumidification method. The power saving rate is as high as 30% or more. It is small in size, does not occupy space, and does not have high temperature gas discharge. The surface is subjected to high-precision grinding and polishing, which is especially suitable for high-precision molding of optics and medical treatment. No need to connect cooling water, so it is easy to move. The control unit is a touch human-computer interaction interface + PLC and is equipped with a wealth of data interfaces, which can be adapted to the workshop MES system.

Features Of Dehumidifying Dryer (Optical Grade)

  • Honeycomb rotary dehumidification system stabilized at -40℃~-50℃ dew point

  • The honeycomb wheel type dehumidification method is suitable for large injection 

  • molding machines

  • Unique anti-caking technology/structure insulation/simple and convenient cleaning

  • Can be optional for the use of more than one machine

  • Equipped with communication interface, can undertake future industry 4.0

Dehumidifying Dryer (Optical Grade) Working Principle

Dehumidifying Dryer (Optical Grade) Working Principle

Dehumidifying Dryer (Optical Grade) Gallery

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