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Pipeline Layout Requirements and Maintenance Methods of Central Conveying System

Ⅰ. Requirements for piping layout of central conveying system

Central conveying system is assembled by most accessories; therefore, its occupied area is relatively large, and usually the whole workshop shall be used. So, the requirements for piping layout of central conveying system are quite high, and wrong piping layout not only reduces production efficiency, but also may destroy machines. It is very complicated to change after layout, so early piping layout is quite important. What are the requirements for piping layout of central conveying system?

(1) Consider rationality of the whole production equipment and conveying system allocation, easy to produce.

(2) Pipe laying, check and maintenance of central conveying system shall be easy.

(3) Feed delivery pipe shall be as short as possible, on precondition of meeting delivery demands.

(4) The number of bending pipes for central conveying system shall be as few as possible, especially those bending pipes which transit from horizontal to vertical upward.

(5) Horizontal pipes shall not be too long, otherwise negative effects will be made.

The above are some requirements and matters needing attention for piping layout of central conveying system. Before laying pipes, survey the site, understand area size, length-to-width ratio, etc. for ease of reasonable piping layout at late stage in order to enhance production efficiency.

Ⅱ. Maintenance methods of central conveying system

Central conveying system is designed for plastic products of injection workshop. It realizes continuous unmanned molding operation in succession, can alter kinds of raw materials and combined usage mode of multicolor materials according to demands, and achieve automation of coloring process. The system can regenerate and use nozzle slag in fully automatic mode, can control all feeding equipment, prevents blocking in storage bin, and realizes complete automation by setting central monitoring console. The maintenance methods of central conveying system are as follows:

(1) Wash feed inlet for each loading, to keep it wet.

(2) Fill cleaning tank along with the car while loading.

(3) Flush feed inlet after loading and clean remaining impurity around.

(4) Flush gutter after unloading on construction site, and add cleaning water into storage tank of central conveying system.

(5) Mixing car of central conveying system. Keep storage tank rolling forward at slow speed during car return.

(6) Do remember discharging sewage in storage tank of central conveying system before next loading.

Clean completely storage tank and surroundings of feed inlet and discharging hole when call it a day, and ensure there is no sticking cement and caking.

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