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Indusrial Chiller Machine By Soxi

Indusrial Chiller Machine By Soxi

Soxi is one of the top industrial chiller manufacturers in China. Industrial water chiller system plays an important part in the plastic moulding process, injecting frozen water into the flow channel inside the mold, cooling the mold through heat exchange, maintaining the temperature at a constant state, in order to meet the needs of the production process. In this process, the mold acts as a heat exchanger. The application of an injection molding machine chiller greatly improves the surface finish of plastic products, reduces the surface marks and internal stress of plastic products, and makes the products easy to release without deformation and shrinkage, thus greatly improving the production efficiency. Inquiry wholesale industrial chiller price!

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Industrial Chillers for Sale

Different types of industrial water chiller system: There are other types of water chiller system in soxi products category, which includes portable chiller systems, chiller in hvac system, marine chiller system, industrial chiller systems and chiller hvac system.

Industrial chiller machine are widely used in many other industries such as plastic and rubber manufacturing, electronic productions, electroplating, medical chemistry, ultrasonic cooling, printing business, die-casting, etc. SOXI industrial chiller units include an air cooled industrial chiller, water cooled water chiller, air cooled screw chiller, air-cooled hot and cold water chiller, water-cooled screw chiller, low-temperature chiller and screw water chiller.  

Portable Chiller Characteristics

Portable Chiller Characteristics

1. Portable chiller systems select an imported well-known brand compressor with built-in safety protection, low noise, and durability. Bands include Sanyo, Daikin, Panasonic, Copeland, Danfoss

2. Electrical components from Schneider, Siemens, CHINT original brand to ensure the steady operation and long service life.

3. Water pump from well-known western brand Minamoto or CNP. High efficiency, large flowrate, and reliable quality

4. Portable industrial chillers adopt imported precision digital display temperature controller to ensure temperature precision within 1℃, temperature range from 3℃ to 50℃

5. All stainless steel water tank coil as the evaporator, built-in active water replenishment, enables convenient and swift cleaning protection.

6. Finned copper tube and low noise outer rotor fan as condenser ensures outstanding heat exchange and high efficient performance.

7. Cabinet adopts electrostatic spray metal plate with fast assembly. Compact and elegant design, easy to use and maintain. The production of the cabinet is by Soxi sheet metal workshop with advanced laser cutting, CNC bending, laser welding, and years of experience to ensure high precision cabinets for water chillers.

Portable Chillers for Injection Molding

Water chiller is an important part in injection molding plant, by efficiently applying an industrial water chiller to the injection molding process, you can significantly reduce time amount for each is able to provide the ideal mold temperature for your plastic selection. Achieving your mold temperature allows your plastics to cool and crystallize properly in the mold. Proper crystallization prevents cavity formation, stress cracking, creeping and seeping plastic, and other deformities. 

Chiller in HVAC System

Air conditioning is an integral part of every commercial, residential and industrial facility.  For smaller structures, a separate air-conditioning unit is required, but for larger structures, a central air-conditioning system is essential.  In this centralized system, huge air-conditioning units -- chillers -- are used to provide cooling for industrial and commercial applications.  As large structures and industries grow, there is a need to make each product cost-effective;  Therefore, the operation and maintenance of water chillers in China has become extremely important. 

Industrial Chiller Working Principle

In refrigeration industry, industrial chillers usually be classified into air cooled industrial chiller and water cooled water chiller. According to compressor, it can be classified into screw chiller, scroll chiller and centrifugal water chiller. If we classify it by temperature control, there are low-temperature water chiller and normal temperature chiller. Temperature range from 0-35℃ for normal chillers, while it is from -100-0℃ for Low temperature water chillers.

The portable chiller unit includes compressor, evaporator, condenser and expansion valve. It achieves refrigerating cycle by vapour compression. It usually used for air conditioning unit and industrial cooling such as plastic molding industry, electronics, electroplating, laser, printing, textile, chemical, packing, medicine, automobile and so on. Technically speaking, water cooled chillers are 300-500KCAL/H more efficient than air cooled chillers. But air cooled chiller is easy to install and portable, not require other accessories. While water cooled chiller requires external water cooling towers for cooling water circulation.

Industrial Chiller Working Principle
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