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Low Speed Plastic Crusher PDF

Low Speed Plastic Crusher

Low Speed Plastic Granulator

Low speed plastic granulator is especially suitable for crushing and reusing all kinds of hard plastics with better effect. The optimized design of the knife rest is divided into slice knife type, claw knife type and flat knife type. The claw-shaped knives can disperse the force, which increases the shear of each knife. It is especially suitable for thick products, large rubber heads, hard materials, etc., which effectively improves the cutting force of the tool and reduces the wear of the tool. Equipped with electric control safety design, multiple safety protection devices to ensure safe operation.

Specifications/Options Of Low Speed Plastic Crusher

Standard specificationsSAA-15SAA-20SAA-30SAA-50
Motor powerkw1.
Rotating speedrpm23232323
Rotating cutter (WXD)mm5X55X65X65X6
Feeding port size (AXB)mm310X245320X320435X320480X400
Crushing size (CXD)mm240X250315X315410X315470X420
Crushing capacitykg/h15~2020~2525~3030~35
Electric power source Specification
3P 380V 50HZ
Dimensions (LXWXH)mm900X450X12001100X500X14801200X500X15601200X550X1560

Low Speed Plastic Granulator Features

  • Tooth gnawing type crushing tool, made of high-quality tool steel

  • Use gear reducer with high transmission efficiency

  • Crush and granulate most plastics part, shape, uniformity, less dust

  • Suitable for injection molding machines with hard material nozzles for immediate recycling

  • It can be flexibly equipped with a suction machine + proportional valve, blowing 

  • fan + blowing device, conveyor belt, etc.

Low Speed Plastic Crusher Working Principle

Low Speed Plastic Crusher Working Principle

Low Speed Plastic Granulator Gallery

Low Speed Plastic Crusher Gallery
Low Speed Plastic Granulator
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