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The Differences of Industrial Chiller Performance in Various Environments

There are many people who don't understand industrial chillers very well, so many businesses don't know how to choose when selecting industrial chillers. Indeed, the functional characteristics of industrial chiller are different in different environments, so businesses may choose based on their own needs. A chiller is a cooling water equipment that can provide constant temperature, flow, and pressure.

Industrial chiller should not have a return water temperature higher than 40 degrees, as a higher return water temperature causes greater harm to the compressor. When selecting a screw-type chiller, consider the cooling load and usage.

For refrigeration systems that run at low loads for long periods of time, it is advisable to use a multi-head piston compressor unit or a screw compressor unit, which is easy to adjust and energy-efficient. When applied to cooling molds for plastic processing machinery, industrial chiller machine can greatly improve the surface smoothness of plastic products, reduce surface marks and internal stress, prevent products from shrinking or deforming, facilitate mold release, and accelerate product molding, thus significantly improving the production efficiency of plastic molding machines. To select the industrial chiller machine better, it is necessary to understand the differences of industrial chiller machine in different environments.

Industrial chiller applied to cooling molds for plastic processing machinery

Industrial chiller can greatly improve the surface smoothness of plastic products, reduce surface marks and internal stress, prevent products from shrinking or deforming, facilitate mold release, and accelerate product molding, thus significantly improving the production efficiency of plastic molding machines. Because the cooling method adopted is air-cooling, industrial chillers are not limited by any environment. As long as there is a place where air can flow, businesses can install industrial chiller equipment. Of course, in environments with high ventilation coefficients, the operating efficiency of air-cooled industrial chiller is higher, and the time required to create a low-temperature environment is very short.

Many large enterprises operate in environments where quality water sources are not available, so they need to choose air-cooled industrial chillers to assist in their production. Especially in various chemical industries, the state requires all heavily polluting enterprises to stay away from the city, making it difficult to obtain high-quality water sources in the suburbs. Therefore, using air-cooled industrial chillers can help enterprises complete their work efficiently while avoiding wastage of water resources.

Advantages of air-cooled industrial chiller

By disconnecting from the request for water sources and water quality, high-quality industrial chilled water can provide a long-term low-temperature environment for different enterprises. Even industrial enterprises with high corrosiveness can also use air-cooled industrial chiller equipment. After special industrial treatment, most enterprises can already use air-cooled industrial chillers for production and achieve high operating efficiency.

Even in highly corrosive environments, high-quality industrial chillers can maintain operating stability. Although the environment affects the operating efficiency of industrial chiller machine, through targeted treatment by production enterprises, industrial chiller can meet the needs of most enterprises with lower energy consumption and reduce the overall cost of using the industrial chiller machine for businesses.

From the perspective of operational safety and cost, it is an excellent choice for businesses to choose the air-cooled industrial chiller, which can provide technical support for enterprises to complete all production tasks efficiently and avoid any impact on production. Especially for many enterprises operating in harsh production environments, high-quality air-cooled industrial chiller machine can also maintain operating stability and safety, reducing the cost of using industrial chiller machine for businesses.

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