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Development Trend of Plastic Dryers in Next Few Years

Ⅰ. Problems existed in plastic drying machine

Plastic dryers may have poor drying. When poor drying appears, problems shall be found in following aspects:

1. Condition of dryer

When check dryer, pay special attention to air filter and hose. The blocked filter or squashed hose will reduce air flow and affect operation of dryer; the damaged filter will pollute desiccant and restrain absorbency; the broken hose may introduce humid air into dry air flow and cause desiccant to retain moisture and high dew point too early; hose and drying bin with poor isolation measures will also affect drying temperature.

2. Drying gas circuit

Among drying gas circuit, drying temperature shall be checked at entry of stock bin, in order to compensate heat waste in hose of plastic dryer. The low temperature at bin entry may be caused by improper adjustment of controller and lacking of insulating layer, or by fault of heater element, contactor, thermocouple or controller. Besides, it is important to supervise drying temperature during the whole drying process and observe temperature fluctuation during drier replacement.

3. Regeneration and cooling of dryer

The absorbency of dryer is limited, therefore the attached moisture must be regenerated and eliminated. The process is: the air is absorbed into a blower through a filter and then sent to a group of heaters. The heated air passes through desiccant bed. When desiccant temperature raises, it releases the attached moisture. When hot air absorbs steam and reaches saturation, hot air dryer industrial will be expelled into atmosphere. The high-temperature and regenerated desiccant shall be cooled before returning to drying loop, and then recover absorbency.

Ⅱ. The function of automatic control in plastic drying machine

The processes of plastic drying machine from storage of raw materials to product production, packing, transportation, storage, etc. will be affected by relative humidity. Therefore, to enhance product quality, it is necessary to control moisture. The change in small humidity may produce mold. Mold may be produced by other humid issues such as condensation and ice-formation. Mold kinds are different for products of different relative humidity. But when relative humidity reaches 70%, mold will double.

Automatic plastic dryer can adjust the temperature, cool, and dehumidify automatically. Thermostat based dehumidifier integrates dehumidification and adjustable refrigeration, suitable for dehumidification in high-temperature and high-humidity environment with large heat load variation. Machine set automatically uses cold-air dehumidification mode, and the heat produced by set will distribute into atmosphere through outdoor unit; in low-temperature cold and humid environment, machine set automatically uses dehumidification mode. Plastic dryer is upstream industry of electronics manufacturing industry, and occupies a favorable position among business cycle. Its development not only plays a supporting and leading role in national pillared industry and modern high-tech industry, but also promotes transformation of traditional industries and product structure adjustment.

Ⅲ. Magnified research of plastic dryer

Plastic dryers are increasingly used in plastic auxiliary machine areas, because clients feel that drying has positive effect on product quality and running cost. The quality can be improved without affecting production speed. Plastic dryers are mainly used in plastic industry to dry water in plastic. Plastic dryer, dehumidifier and suction machine can form a set of dehumidification and drying system. Plastic dryer and suction machine can form a set of auto-loading raw materials and drying system.

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