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Fast Blade Type Plastic Crusher PDF

Fast Blade Type Plastic Crusher

Plastic Crusher Machine Design

It is suitable for the immediate crushing and recycling of the nozzle material of the injection molding machine at the side of the machine to avoid material pollution and save the storage and crushing space of the workshop. Reduce dust and noise, improve the environment of the workshop. Buy plastic crusher machine from Soxi plastic machine factory.

Specification/ Options Of Fast Blade Type Plastic Crusher

Standard specificationsSAD-05SAD-10SAD-15SAD-20SAD-30SAD-40SAD-50SAD-60SAD-75SAD-100SAD-125
Rotating PCS1218212433363639455463
 Rotor diametermmΦ180Φ250Φ300Φ350Φ380Φ500Φ500Φ650Φ700Φ700Φ850
Size of crushing chambermm240X180360X250420X270480X340660X400720X510720X510910X6601050X8001260X8001470X90
Crushing abilitykg/h100~250200~400300~500350~550500~800800~1000800~1200900~13001000~14001300~18001500~200
Screen aperturemmΦ6Φ8Φ8Φ10Φ10Φ12Φ12Φ12Φ12Φ12Φ14

Features Of Fast Blade Type Plastic Crusher

  • The whole machine is made of high-strength medium-carbon steel and has a high degree of impact resistance

  • Use heavy-duty bearings and oil seals to ensure that materials are not contaminated

  • Built-in sound insulation board can effectively reduce noise

  • Unique tool structure design coupled with high-quality tools, not only durable but also able to increase crushing capacity

  • The crushing bin and the tool holder are all precision processed by CNC to ensure the accuracy and stability of the cutting and transportation.

  • Buy plastic crusher machine at wholesale prices.

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