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Can Mold Temperature Machine Cool Down?

mold temperature machine can provide machines with temperatures ranging from room temperature to 350℃, typically used for heating molds, rollers, pressing plates, and reaction tanks. However, can mold temperature machine cool down and lower the temperature as well? There are often some special manufacturing and molding processes that require mold temperature machine to have both heating and cooling capabilities, such as the formation of composite polymer materials and chemical reactions in reaction tanks.

Heating and Cooling Functions of mold temperature machine

In the chemical reaction industry, in order to perform reactions in reaction tanks, heat is required before the reaction occurs. However, during the reaction, reaction substances will release heat, and temperature control is necessary to ensure a smooth progression of the reaction to the later stages. After attaining the reaction goal in the later stages, cooling is required. Similarly, in the formation of composite polymer materials (plastics, rubbers, fibers, coatings, etc.), solid materials must be heated to reach their melting point before solidification formation, after which cooling is necessary to achieve the product precision.

How do mold temperature machine achieve heating and cooling functions? This is where the working principle of mold temperature machine comes in. They mainly use thermal oil as a heat transfer medium. After being heated by a heating module to an appropriate temperature, the medium then acts on the heating equipment. After the heating equipment reaches a state of thermal balance and works well, cooling water is injected into the mold temperature machine to cool the thermal oil before acting on the heating equipment again to enhance product molding efficiency, thereby achieving the heating and cooling requirements of mold temperature machine. Professional mould temperature controller manufacturers focus on the research and development of mold temperature machine production, constantly innovating in the field of high polymer material formation to make temperature control devices more energy-saving, for example, by employing two sets of systems working with hot oil and cold oil directly, eliminating the cooling process of the hot oil with cooling water.

Daily maintenance methods of mold temperature machine

The mold temperature machine mainly serves to control the temperature. However, in the process of using mold temperature machine, correct usage and maintenance of mold temperature machine play an important role in extending their lifespan. So, how should we maintain a mold temperature machine in our daily lives?

Before using a mold temperature machine, we should pay attention to the amount of cooling water and its flow, which can ensure smooth operation of the mold temperature machine, reducing problems that may arise during use.

mold temperature machine should be cleaned regularly. After using a mold temperature machine for a period of time, scaling problems may arise. At this point, we need to clean the unit periodically to reduce scaling and improve its efficiency. If the mold temperature machine has too much scaling, it may cause blockage, which will affect the service life of the unit in the long run.

Periodically check and maintain the mold temperature machine, especially some of its components that may require repairs. After using a mold temperature machine for a period of time, some of its parts may be damaged. If they are not replaced in a timely manner, it will further affect the service life of the mold temperature machine. Regularly clean the filter cover to ensure unobstructed flow in the mold temperature machine, facilitating its use. Correct maintenance and usage of mold temperature machine can improve our working efficiency and help us extend the service life of mold temperature machine.

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