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Precautions Before Using Dehumidifiying Dryer

Before using a dehumidifying dryer, it is important to develop a habit of checking the machine. If there is a malfunction, it should be addressed promptly to avoid the machine being paralyzed and endangering personal safety. Therefore, checking the dehumidifying dryer before use is essential. So, how do we perform a dehumidifying dryer check?

Precautions before using dehumidifiying dryer

The inspection of dehumidifying dryer includes many aspects, such as inspection before use, inspection in use and inspection after use.

  • Before use, carefully inspect each component of the equipment to ensure that they are intact and undamaged. If any issues are found, they should be promptly addressed to ensure normal operation of the equipment.

  • Check the vacuum release valve in the dehumidifying dryer to ensure that it is properly closed. The nodes in the vacuum pump area also need to be checked and the water in the vacuum pump needs to be inspected to ensure that there is sufficient water for normal operation.

  • For the vacuum pump to function properly, it requires circulating water. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that there is sufficient water in the vacuum pump. If the water level is insufficient, the equipment will not be able to form a vacuum during operation.

Therefore, the vacuum pump plays a crucial role in the operation of the dehumidifying dryer. Its quality needs to be carefully checked for any issues, which should be promptly dealt with, and professional personnel may be required for repair. If no one is available to repair the malfunction, contacting the manufacturer for assistance may be necessary.

Precautions for installation of dehumidifying dryer

In the injection molding industry, all factories cannot be short of such an equipment, namely dehumidifying dryer. The installation of dehumidifying dryer is relatively complicated, so many factories will inevitably have some small problems when installing dehumidifying dryer. So, what should be paid attention to when installing the dehumidifying dryer ?

Follow the fixed installation procedures

The dehumidifying dryer has an installation instruction with a detailed installation process, so it must be installed according to a fixed process, so as to avoid mistakes. Some installation steps are complicated, which requires the installer to have enough patience and a certain understanding of the dehumidifying dryer, so it is recommended to find a professional installer and never install it by yourself.

Minimize pollution at the installation site 

During the installation of the dehumidifying dryer, a lot of garbage will definitely be generated, and a lot of installation materials may be wasted, which will pollute the environment. However, environmental pollution should be avoided as far as possible, garbage should be removed at any time during installation, and raw materials should be used to the maximum extent to avoid waste of raw materials.

Pay attention to safety during the installation process

The dehumidifying dryer  is relatively dangerous. If it is not installed according to the normal methods, it may be dangerous. Therefore, attention should be paid to safety issues during installation.

  • Pay attention to electricity and wire.

  • The circuit must be cut off before installation, so as to avoid the fire.

  • Use the installation tool correctly. Before using the tool, see how to use the tool.

It is also important to pay attention to the matching of parts and use of original and appropriate-sized parts during installation. If any parts are missing, replacements of the same specifications can be used. 

Installing a dehumidifying dryer may not be as simple as imagined, but attention to detail can help prevent malfunctions caused by installation errors.

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