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Dynamic Heat Balance of Mold Temperature Machine: Mold Temperature Control is Essential

1. Dynamic thermal balance temperature control of mold temperature machine

Looking at the overall development trend of mold-related industries, the pace of structural adjustment in the mold industry is accelerating. The mold temperature machine was originally used in the temperature control industry of injection molds. With the development of the machinery industry, it has been more and more widely used. With mold, rubber, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, machinery, electroplating, injection molding, extrusion in the production process of aluminum alloy die-casting, temperature is one of the core process factors, and the quality of die-casting mold temperature control directly affects product quality and production efficiency , the choice of die-casting mold temperature control method is particularly important. In the casting process, the heat exchange between the mold and the molten metal has reached an ideal thermal balance, that is, the mold absorbs and dissipates the same amount of heat, and achieves a dynamic heat balance. When the process is selected, the mold temperature reaches the working temperature range of the casting, and fixed-point cooling is easy to form thermal joints. place to promote the formation of thermal equilibrium.

2. Purchase and use performance of mold temperature machine

When purchasing a mold temperature machine, we must carefully consider our production needs, and choose a suitable mold thermometer according to the product process. According to production requirements, choose water or oil as the heat medium, water circulation type mold temperature machine (normal temperature -180 degrees), oil circulation type mold temperature machine (normal temperature -350 degrees).

The use of mold temperature control machine can reduce mold preheating time, improve mold life, improve product molding efficiency, suppress product defects, and reduce the generation of defective products. It can meet the requirements of customers to expand production scale, reduce production costs, and reduce energy consumption, thereby greatly improving hair labor productivity and economic benefits. It has the characteristics of high production efficiency and relatively low electricity costs.

The mold temperature machine produced by mold temperature controller suppliers chooses the brand circulating pump, and the pump output power saves customer satisfaction. The internal pipeline is integrally formed of stainless steel, the heat loss in the tube is small, and the heating is uniform. The unique heating design and automatic temperature control of the pipeline explosion-proof device can quickly meet the temperature requirements of various products. Improve production efficiency and ensure product quality. The heating and cooling speed is fast, the temperature is accurate, uniform and stable. The temperature display of the automatic exhaust and oil return when the machine is turned on is controlled by imported microelectronics or PLC, and the temperature accuracy can be controlled within 1 degree.

The mold temperature machine can design professional plans according to different industry types, and customize according to the customer's processing technology. Perfect after-sales service is safe and reliable.

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