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What Details Should Be Paid Attention to when the Central Conveying System Fails?

The central conveying system can save labor costs and raw material costs. The working life is more than ten years. The production of plastic machinery is inseparable from the central conveying system. Plastic machinery is of great importance to our lives. Speaking of the central conveying system, what we can think of is its outstanding adaptability, whether it is used in the production of plastics, or coal slime, fly ash, sand, quartz sand, etc. Its appearance has eased a lot of burdens on production. So what are the common faults of the central conveying system? How to deal with the failure? The following is an introduction by SOXI intelligent equipment manufacturers.

1. The central conveying system cannot be turned on

Main reasons: check whether the power supply is connected to 380V, and whether the switch in the electric control box is turned on; check whether the fuse is blown, and check the cause of the blow; check whether the transformer is normal; Check whether the switching power supply is normal.

2. The touch screen of the central conveying system has a display but the fan cannot be started

Main reasons: check whether the switch of each suction bucket is turned on, and operate it in the setting screen; check whether the fan of the central conveying system is overloaded; check whether the intermediate relay in the electric control box is normal; whether the power supplies have reversed phases.

3. The central conveying system will not automatically absorb the material

Main reasons: check whether the barrel switch of the "setting screen" is turned on; check whether the sensitivity of the photoelectric switch is normal; check whether the selection of raw materials is correct; check whether the setting of the pumping time and pumping time is correct; Normal, at 4KG/cm2; check whether the air cutoff valve of the central conveying system machine, the cylinder and solenoid valve of the cutoff valve are normal; whether the PLC has output.

4. The hopper of the central conveying system does not drop the material

The main reason: open the upper cover of the suction bucket to see if the raw material is stuck on the blanking tongue; check whether the evacuation time is too long; check whether the pumping time is too long; check whether the air cut-off valve is leaking.

5. The fan of the central conveying system is overloaded

Main reasons: whether the power supply voltage is normal 380V; check whether the contactor and thermal relay are normal; check whether the exhaust valve and the selection valve of the fan are normal; check whether the pipeline is blocked, resulting in excessive load; check whether the fan is stuck, measure whether the resistance of the fan is normal; check whether the current is too large.

6. The fan of the central conveying system vibrates and the noise is too loud

The main reasons: the fan impeller is damaged smoothly; the bearing is worn or damaged; the gear backlash is too large, misaligned, and the fixing is not tight; the impeller and the impeller, the impeller and the casing collide with foreign objects and dust, and the solid bolts are loose; Loading too much material; check for excessive current.

With these fault solutions for the central conveying system, you can quickly find the problem and solve it when there is a problem with the plastic central conveying system.

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