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Plastic Shredder Machine for Sale

Plastic Shredder Machine for Sale

Plastic crushers, also known as plastic shredder granulators, pulverizers, plastic scrap crusher machine, stripping machines. Plastic waste crusher machine can be used across a wide range of industries, including the fields of injection molding, blowing, and extruding production. Plastic shredder grinder crusher machine can crush all kinds of soft and hard plastics, plastic bottles (thin-walled hollow objects), plastic sheets, rod, runner, plastic film, filament, molded parts, plastic scraps, lumps, semi-finished products, and other materials, etc. Soxi is one of the top plastic crusher suppliers, our factory has kinds of plastic crusher for sale. Buy plastic shredder at wholesale prices.

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Plastic Shredder for Sale

Are you considering buying plastic shredder but having problems finding qualified plastic crusher suppliers, or can’t distinguish between traders and real plastic crusher manufacturers? Bingo, you just find one of the largest plastic shredder factory here. Soxi plastic shredder costs are reasonable and get your money’s worth.

SOXI provides three types of waste plastic crushing machines, low speed plastic granulator and high-speed powerful granulators waste plastic shredder machine. The cutter blades have 4 knife types, including claw type HDPE crusher, flat type, flake type, and V type. Low and medium-speed plastic crusher are online.

Plastic Shredder Granulator Applications

Plastic Shredder Granulator Applications

Plastic crushers in the plastic auxiliary equipment industry are also known as plastic shredder machine. There are three categories: 

(1)  Hard plastic crusher, this machine is suitable for crushing all kinds of small and medium-sized plastic plates: 

1, ABS, PE, PP board, and other plate crushing recovery; 

2, specially designed rectangular feeding port for crushing plate materials, easy to crush strip plate, improve work efficiency. Optional suction fan, storage barrel composed of plate crushing recovery system can give full play to the recovery efficiency; 

3, the use of sealed bearing, so that the bearing rotation for a long time to keep good; The knife shape design is reasonable, the product is uniform; The knife holder heat-shrinkable processing, the appearance design is beautiful and generous;

(2) Strong plastic crusher:

1, the blade type knife structure between the claw knife, flat knife, suitable for crushing ordinary sheet, pipe, profile, plate, and packaging materials and other plastic products; 

2, universal plastic crusher, the use of sealed bearing, the bearing rotation for a long time to keep good; 

3, reasonable knife design, alloy steel blade, uniform product, knife base heat shrinkage treatment, and after a strict balance test, the appearance design is beautiful and generous; 

(3) Plastic pipe plastic crusher:

1, Suitable for crushing all kinds of small and medium-sized plastic pipe, such as PE, PVC pipe(pvc crusher machine), silicon core pipe crushing recovery; 

2. Especially designed circular tube feeding port for crushing pipe materials, which is convenient for crushing long tubular materials and improves working efficiency. Optional suction fan, storage barrel composed of pipe crushing recovery system can give full play to the recovery efficiency; 

3, the use of sealed bearings so that the bearing rotation for a long time to keep good; Reasonable knife shape design can make the product into uniform grain; The knife holder heat-shrinkable processing makes the shape design beautiful and generous. JHL series crusher main functions: Used for crushing all kinds of soft and hard plastics, block, ball, strip plastic into granular recycling, greatly improve the utilization rate of plastic.

Plastic Waste Crushing Machine Features

Soxi offers three types of plastic granulators, low speed granulator, Medium speed IMM-side pulverizer, and powerful high-speed central granulators. They are applicable to granulate various kinds of plastic materials from injection molding, blow molding, or extrusion molding.

SOXI IMM-side waste plastic crusher includes Low-speed granulator and Medium-speed granulator. Suitable for crushing sprue material and a few rejects. It is set on the side of IMM and picker, collocating with the conveyor.Low speed plastic granulator adopt new type claw-blades and unfixed blades which can keep a settled cutting clearance without adjustment after re-sharpening. Adopt blades and integration design to obtain better cutting performance. 

Medium-speed granulator adopts screenless design, high-quality steel claw cutters, and cutting blades are integrally fitted in one cutting chamber. There is minimum dust generation during the cutting process. It uses a gear reducer with high transmission efficiency. It can be flexibly equipped with a suction machine + proportional valve, blowing fan + blowing device, conveyor belt, etc.

Plastic Waste Crushing Machine Features

How Does Plastic Crusher Machine Work?

Plastic crusher machine refers to the crushing of all kinds of plastic plastics and rubber, such as plastic profile, pipe, rod, silk, wire, film, waste rubber products and pellets can be directly extruded. As the production raw material, this kind of machine adopts alloy steel blade and has a long life. At the same time, the machine adopts the separation design, easy maintenance and cleaning, and has a double-layer structure, equipped with sound insulation material, the noise is very low, the knife shaft seat after a strict balance test, the machine base and equipped with four wheels, easy to move. Inquiry competitive plastic crusher machine price.

In this paper, the theory of impact crushing is summarized, and the mechanism of ordinary plastic recycling by plastic crusher at room temperature is studied. The influence of the process parameters such as rotational speed, feed size, feeding speed and outlet location on the crushing effect of plastics was studied. According to the structural properties and the description of plastic powder, combined with the impact characteristics of high frequency, high speed, high stress, and high strain rate, the new view that the crushing effect belongs to brittle fracture is put forward. The plastic crusher of crushing plastic material can produce defective products and nozzle materials when the injection molding machine or pelletizing machine produces raw materials. The defective products and nozzle materials can be timely put into the plastic crusher at the edge of the machine.

How Does Plastic Crusher Machine Work?
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