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Smart Injection Plant Complete Solution

It is an overall solution for the customer's whole plant, realizing central loading and central controlling, and continuous unmanned forming production. It is designed according to machine onsite placement in the customer's plant with consumption of raw materials, and the special requirement for plastic auxiliary equipment.


Through a variety of sensors, it collects signals from the mechanical and electrical equipment in the whole plant, then centralized to the PLC to operate, set steps according to the demands, and send the signal to control operation of the system. The system has integrated functions of system protection, centralized monitoring, remote operation, and operation optimization.

 Smart Injection Plant Complete Solution

Intelligent molding workshop from design to implementation

1. Intelligent loading system          

2. Intelligent water and electrical system

3. Intelligent environmental protection management system

4. Intelligent clean workshop

5. Energy-saving air conditioning system

6. Robot application management system

7. Quality management system

8. Industrial internet of things

8.1-MES     8.2 -Plant equipment management       8.3 –the smart electronic board

8.4-workstation call system             8.5 - industrial equipment cloud platform

Smart Injection Plant Complete Solution

SOXI scope of service





Project consultation

Process design

On-site design


Function design

Construction design

Material purchase

System files


BIM design


Operation Optimization

Project budget

BOM sheet



Design optimization

Construction arrangement

Construction management


Construction optimization

Construction scheme

System debugging

Management optimization

Smart Injection Plant Complete Solution Plan

Smart Complete Plastic Molding Machinery Solution

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