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Air Cooled Water Chiller PDF

Air Cooled Water Chiller

Air Cooled Water Chiller

The air-cooled chiller adopts a finned condenser, which has fast heat conduction and a good heat dissipation effect without the need to provide cooling water. It can provide ice water at 5~35℃, and the low-temperature type can be as low as 3℃ (the temperature difference does not exceed ±1℃), the compressor power is from 3HP to 50HP, and the cooling capacity can reach 8250~139400 Kcal/hr.

Specifications Of Air Cooled Water Chiller

Standard specificationsSCB-03ASCB-05ASCB-08ASCB-10ASCB-15ASCB-20ASCB-30ASCB-40ASCB-50A
Medium temperature Range7~25℃
Cooling capacityKcal/h8250113242054028400431005860086200117200139400
CompressorTypeHermetic scroll type or piston
Chilled Pump power0.370.370.750.751.51.5355
waterPump pressureMpa0.
In/Out pipe sizeG1/4”X 4G1/4”X 4
G1-1/2”G2”G1/4”X 4G1/4”X 4G1”G1-1/2”
Cooling fanAir volumeM3/h23903900780092001260018900234004400039000
Fan diametermm400X1350X2450X2450X2500X3550X3630X3600X6600X6
Electric power source Specification3P 380V 50HZ
Dimensions (LXWXH)mm1170X600X11301420X800X15002150X850X18002300X1050X17602600X1050X18002600X1780X18452600X1780X1845

Features Of Air Cooled Water Chiller

  • Adopt imported compressor

  • The copper tube is welded without oxygen

  • Efficient evaporator and condenser, energy saving

  • The high-power equipment adopts multi-group compressor, 

    Automatically adjust start and stop as needed 

  • Equipped with communication interface, can undertake future industry 4.0

Air Cooled Water Chiller Working Principle

Air Cooled Water Chiller Working Principle

Air Cooled Water Chiller Gallery

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Air Cooled Chilled Water System
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