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Why Use a Mold Temperature Machine?

The mold temperature machine uses electricity as the energy source, heat transfer oil or water as the heat transfer medium, and transfers the electric heat to the heat-consuming equipment through the medium. In the injection molding industry, the medium temperature is generally controlled to keep the mold temperature at a level suitable for work. The advantage of this is that the processing time of the mold is optimized, and the quality of the product is improved at the same time.

1. What are the uses of the mold temperature machine?

Before the product is formed, the intelligent control system of the mold temperature machine will set the mold temperature within a suitable range, which can raise and stabilize the temperature in a short time, and shorten the mold preheating time very well, allowing the entire production to start quickly. In the process of product production, the mold temperature machine can be operated continuously to avoid excessive mold temperature. Even if it is stopped midway, it will not wait because the mold temperature drops.

Plastics have relatively high temperature requirements. If the temperature is too low or too high, it will easily lead to uneven density of the plastic melt, and more defects will appear in the formed product. The mold temperature machine can control the temperature stably, so that the plastic melt flows into the mold cavity evenly, and the formed product will not have too many problems in quality, and it can also avoid repeated processing by the manufacturer.

The mold temperature machine is beneficial to reduce energy loss. In the highly competitive market, it is very important to reduce energy loss and reduce expenditure costs. A good mold temperature machine can avoid all kinds of troubles in the production process, and can also make good use of electric energy and resources, reduce cost and waste of resources, and thus improve production efficiency.

The mold temperature machine is of great help to the appearance of the product, and the temperature control is conducive to the shaping of the product. Stable and accurate temperature control can enable technicians to better grasp the production and molding of products and reduce the probability of defective products. In this way, the manufacturer can complete the delivery on time.

2. How to choose a mold temperature machine?

How big the mold temperature machine can reach is a problem that needs to be paid attention to when selecting. This requires manufacturers to choose according to the characteristics of the products produced, and different products have different temperature requirements. Generally speaking, the temperature of the water mold temperature machine can reach 120°C. If the production temperature required by the product exceeds 180°C, it is necessary to choose an oil temperature machine with different media.

Different products require different clamping forces, which is not only related to the smooth production of the product, but also linked to the quality of the mold. If the clamping force is high or low, if the conditions required for production are not met, it is easy to cause the mold to fail or fall off. Therefore, when selecting a mold temperature machine, it is necessary to inform the manufacturer of the mold temperature machine about some characteristics of the product and the clamping force. Manufacturers with sufficient industry knowledge can select a suitable mold temperature machine for you.

The after-sales service of the mold temperature machine is also very important. After you buy a suitable mold temperature machine, if there is a problem and no one is responsible, it will greatly delay the production. Formal mold temperature machine manufacturers have complete after-sales service, and will teach users certain maintenance knowledge, so that the life of users' mold temperature machines will be longer.

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