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Measurement and Precautions of Dehumidification Dryer's Dew Point

In the process of plastic production, dehumidifying dryer is an indispensable equipment. Do you know how to measure the dew point of the dehumidifying dryer? When purchasing the dehumidifying dryer, many people do not know how to measure the dew point, and most manufacturers use this as a way to deceive consumers. The following will teach you how to measure it.

Methods to detect whether the dehumidifying dryer has malfunctioned

In the process of use, malfunctions will inevitably occur. When the machine malfunctions, there are multiple methods to identify where the malfunction occurred.

One method is to use touch to determine the malfunction, like a doctor examining a patient to understand their condition. When touching the machine equipment, you can feel the machine's high-pressure exhaust pipe and low-pressure suction pipe with your hands. If the exhaust pipe feels hot, while the suction pipe feels cool, then the machine is running normally.

If the exhaust pipe is not hot and the suction pipe is not cool during the touch process, then there is a problem with the machine. Generally, the cause of the malfunction is insufficient refrigerant or a blockage in the refrigeration system. If, when touching the high-pressure exhaust pipe, the temperature is initially high and then begins to drop, it indicates that the refrigeration system may be frozen, and the machine needs to be repaired in a timely manner. In the process of using the dehumidifying dryer, operators should frequently touch the machine equipment with their hands to locate any malfunctions and repair the equipment in a timely manner.

Dew point measurement method for the dehumidifying dryer

Measurement of air dew point 

During the dew point measurement of dehumidifying dryers, although the unit of pressure dew point is degrees, it actually refers to the amount of water in compressed air. In other words, measuring dew point is measuring the amount of water contained in compressed air. There are many instruments used for measuring dew point, including mirror dew point testers that use nitrogen and ether as cold sources and electrolytic humidity meters that use phosphorus pentoxide and lithium chloride as electrolytes. Gas dew point meters are now widely used in industry, and their measurement range can reach minus 80℃.

Points to note during measurement

In actual use, people commonly use a dew point meter for measurement. When the measured air contains very little water, the measurement operation should be more careful and patient. Pay attention to keeping the gas sampling equipment and pipeline dry, and ensure overall sealing. The gas flow rate in the pipeline should be selected according to the standard, sufficient pre-processing time should be left, and caution should be exercised to prevent errors. Particularly when using phosphorus pentoxide as the electrolyte to prepare a "micro-water measuring instrument" to measure the pressure dew point, the theoretical error is significant, so extra care must be taken.

In summary, when measuring the dew point of the dehumidifying dryer, standardized measurement should be emphasized, and for the possible theoretical errors, multiple measurements should be taken. If the error is large, the instrument should be replaced.

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